our services are easily adaptable to the requirements of your company, providing high added value of services with its subsequent cost reduction achieved by outsourcing the processes that are expensive for your company.

we provide excellent customer service and at the same time make possible the development of sales and market strategies at a competitive cost and with extremely favorable results.

our location in India provides adequate time differences for the US

we can easily adapt our resources to Clients requirements.

our non native agents are almost accent free.

Outsourcing has never been so practical or made so much sense in today’s business world. The question today is not "Why Outsource?" but rather, "Why not?" More than 185 Fortune 500 companies already have business relationships with offshore contact centers.
In today’s highly networked world it is very easy to Outsource your resources. It has become very common to Outsource (IT/software Outsourcing, business process Outsourcing (BPO), Call Center Outsourcing, Consultancy Outsourcing, a wide spectrum of work, etc).
Outsourcing services are on the rise. Blue chips like IBM, HSBC, HP, Microsoft and many other global companies have realized the benefits of Outsourcing.
Today with the advancement of technology and globalization the question is not "Whether to Outsource or not" but “to whom should I Outsource to?” Therefore, the key is to find a reliable partner.

Optimistic Healthcare Solutions is located in downtown Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, and situated 30 minutes from the international airport Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport.
India is recognized as a strategic gateway for international companies conducting business in the South Asian region. In today's global community, international companies appreciate the value of political and social stability coupled with a sound legal and banking system in their host countries. For these reasons, the geopolitical importance of India has become a significant factor for companies selecting India as the regional center of their business operations.
Few South Asian countries can boast the stability and safety that India enjoys.

Other key strategic advantages offered by India:

● Strategic location for distribution of goods to key consumer points in the Southern Cone

● Centralized routes and well-built infrastructure from Mumbai to New Delhi, Chennai and Gujarat.

● Large population with a secondary language in English.

● One of the few countries in the world with a 100% digital telephone network

● No restrictions on foreign trade operations

● Ranked second in South Asia in Transparency for foreign investors

● India is the leading exporter of software and IT services to South Asian countries

● No racial or religious conflicts